um momento gaviota

footsteps crossing at the beach

merging in confused fusion to

peacefully content essence


Tastes of soft sunlight on my chest and lips

gentle Touches of salty seabreeze on my hair and hips

trustfully embalmed in soothing Sounds of crashing waves.


open up Your Eyes, I will keep mine closed.

raindrops shimmering on Your face

glittery Magic in the night

only kissed, only felt, only held

just right.



Our road lies just in front of Us

but cloaked in thick mist leaving space

for dreamy fantasies.

hiding in the fog, putting up the blinds

to create some room, to paint some times

in luminously shining shades of Yellow.


confidently crossing border by border

guarded by a wall of fog

blurry shades in the distance

longing not to be forgot.


There it is, the fierce burning within Your chest

while silently cleaning up the happy nest.

struggling to breathe away the pain

hopefully wondering and listening to the rain




[copyright © by Franziska Hülshoff]


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