it seems You don't know how to fall be carried over edges sharp and slippery hopefully following somebody's call   only with the Heart you see floating free where the blueberries grow – expecting Me to catch you though.   I'm carefully washing stones out of angel hair while You let the Soul wander, up …

self weiterlesen


um momento gaviota

footsteps crossing at the beach merging in confused fusion to peacefully content essence   Tastes of soft sunlight on my chest and lips gentle Touches of salty seabreeze on my hair and hips trustfully embalmed in soothing Sounds of crashing waves.   open up Your Eyes, I will keep mine closed. raindrops shimmering on Your …

um momento gaviota weiterlesen

a butterfly

Beauty noticed in an instant its brightly shimmering colours Inside. quickly passing by swiftly remembered like a soft summer's Breeze     dancing freely magically without roots - yet stably grounded.     fluttering Excitedly places and faces touching each of them faintly with a heart-warming   Smile.       [copyright © by Franziska Hülshoff]