not a pidgeon

rats of the Air, floating around wherever the Wind takes them whatever place calls them   grey in grey they seem – but No: there is a Shimmer of green, of white of blue each of them is unique; like You.   always Passing, they can go unnoticed; Nothing's lasting.   considered disgusting, in the … not a pidgeon weiterlesen



art overflowing with emotion the Soul yearningly called by the Ocean and me following trustingly Heart in hand pulled in with a wish to understand.   skin simply softened by the sea smiles flowering genuinely sunshine in my Heart Ocean in your hair naturally breathing in the salty air   dancing with the waves the … Home weiterlesen


it seems You don't know how to fall be carried over edges sharp and slippery hopefully following somebody's call   only with the Heart you see floating free where the blueberries grow – expecting Me to catch you though.   I'm carefully washing stones out of angel hair while You let the Soul wander, up … self weiterlesen