in the arms of the Ocean

We all have high and low days surely, they will come in waves sometimes without warning even straight to your face – but remember always what you have deep within is the peaceful Ocean. he’s there; despite any emotion despite any storm that may shake up your surface the deep Sea is there and she …

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work of Heart

a quiet life with the waves a silent place beyond the mind's confusing jungle where Love has space hearts burn like the sun and we don't have to run from the beats of this world   a quiet life with the waves with heads under water but Hearts in the winds floating in wonder trusting …

work of Heart weiterlesen


art overflowing with emotion the Soul yearningly called by the Ocean and me following trustingly Heart in hand pulled in with a wish to understand.   skin simply softened by the sea smiles flowering genuinely sunshine in my Heart Ocean in your hair naturally breathing in the salty air   dancing with the waves the …

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a butterfly

Beauty noticed in an instant its brightly shimmering colours Inside. quickly passing by swiftly remembered like a soft summer's Breeze     dancing freely magically without roots - yet stably grounded.     fluttering Excitedly places and faces touching each of them faintly with a heart-warming   Smile.       [copyright © by Franziska Hülshoff]